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At PT.Graha Service Center (GSI), it has always been our aim to be the best service solution. We are after-sales service that makes customer as our priority and motivation to be the better company. With Our extensive network within national geographical coverage, we are recognised as the largest after-sales service specialist in Indonesia.


GSI provides a professional, efficient and convenient service for our final consumers by making the nearby service centers, one brand and one roof (one stop single brand proximity centres) are comfortable and convenient location. The broad scope of our after-sales service to the end consumer are the information, digital service, loan service, repair service, retail services, training services, upgrading service and warranty service.


We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified company currently own and operate the largest network of service center in Indonesia which providing services such as Audio Video product, Home Appliances product, Mobile Phone, Set Top Box, Notebook, Monitor, Printer, ODD.


GSI is moving full speed ahead under the visionary of experienced and well-qualified engineers who has been trained and certified. GSI provides professional, efficient and convenient services to our end consumers by operate consumer care center, consumer on-site services and other service delivery solution.



February 2003 - Establish after-sales service company named PT.Global Service Indonesia

March 2003 - Global Service Indonesia runs 7 direct operational branches and providing field operations, call center operations, SCM part and distribution, authorized service partner management, and warranty claim management

August 2005 - Implementing WMS system for W/H part
Implementing SAP R/3 CIC system for call center operational

February 2006 - Operational service in place (On-site service operation) using the PDA system

2005-2006 - Rank 1 and 2 based on customer satisfaction index result

2006-2007 - Best call center awarded

July 2007 - Global Service Indonesia runs 30 operational branches directly, 171 management autorised service partner, call center agents and manage part distribute to approximately 200 service center across Indonesia

August 2007 - The company changed its name to PT.Graha Service Indonesia

January 2009 - Implementing the first Face to Face system in Indonesia

June 2010 - ISO 9001.2008 certified company

November 2010 - Implementing GSPN system for operational

2012 - Graha Service Indonesia run 76 branches across Indonesia

2013 - Graha Service Indonesia is a number 1 in Asian and number 3 in the world according to survey result of Customer Satisfaction Index 2013

2014-2016 - PT GSI operates 43 direct branches operation with more that 1.000 employers Java Island

2016 - Launches the latest Customer Appreciation Program

2017 - Cell Leader & Floor Leader program

2017 - Launches E-learning platform named GSI Academy to provide learning material and to support self-learning for GSI employees

2018 - Customer Service Recovery Programmed; Improving Customer Service by obtaining feedbacks from customer either through Feedback Cards or Happy Call


Become a leading provider of after-sales service in Indonesia



Improve the quality of our service by providing the best service solution through speed, punctuality and consumen priority, continous changes and innovative activities.



Responsibility : Should be a company that build the customer’s trust by taking responsibility
Sincerity : We work with sincere heart which affect our willingness to care each other
Togetherness : we are help each other and work together in any condition since we are all in one family



To be meet and improve customer satisfaction, PT Graha Service Indonesia is very concerned about the quality of the resulting service.

There are some commitment of PT Graha Service Indonesia in ensuring the quality service set in this policies such as bellow:

1. Carry out all the regulation that applicable to both from customer and government
2. Increase the competency of human sources to achieve customer loyalty
3. Cultivate sustainable improvements to enhance the quality of the service and work efficiency throughout the section.



2. Reduce Service Call Cancel Ratio
3. Improve Work Efficiency



1. Best Service Quality
2. Reliable Service
3. Wide Coverage
4. Work Commitment